Product features

The dunelift is concealed within a World War II bunker, ensuring its protection with a rolling door. To enhance accessibility, our team has designed an automatic sliding platform that seamlessly facilitates entry and exit for wheelchair users. As soon as the lift comes to a halt, the platform smoothly glides out, enabling effortless transitions. The lift operates entirely on automation, featuring user-friendly buttons within the lift cabin. Additionally, there is the convenient option of remotely controlling the lift’s operation.

Beside prioritizing user-friendliness, MST Groep has taken care to ensure the lift’s functionality. We have integrated the lift with a docking and charging system specifically designed for the on-board battery systems. This feature enables effortless charging and maintenance of the lift’s batteries, ensuring their optimal performance and longevity.


This project was complex due to various factors. While the primary objective was clear, the means to achieve it remained entirely uncertain. For this reason, we used several prototypes to develop a functioning concept. Furthermore, we faced the challenge of ensuring personal safety, accounting for external elements such as water and sand, and prioritising the preservation of the surrounding ecology during both installation and usage.

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