The Challenge

MST Groep joined the project after the demonstration phase revealed new challenges. The prototype uncovered a gap between the client’s expectations and the actual realisation of the product. It was our responsibility to bridge this gap while meeting the strict safety requirements of the high-risk operating environment.

Identifying Priorities

MST Groep conducted a research into the status of the project. This  revealed the necessary steps required to achieve the desired outcome. By selecting expectations, needs, success indicators, and risks, we prioritised and provided fitting technical solutions. On top of this we developed a clear product and file structure within the project.

Our Expertise

  • Using Lean Engineering, we have made significant gains in product development. MST Groep weighed the interests and expectations of all stakeholders against the technical possibilities within the project while ensuring safety. By doing so, we simplified a complex product and defined an acceptable scope of work.¬†
  • Through prototyping and testing, we converted assumptions into measured data, basing our development and choices on facts. The feedback from these measurements helped us identify various risks and convinced stakeholders of the necessary solutions.