• 18


    Required to unload one load (33 Tons).
  • 2


    Storage of organic products.
  • 50


    CBU's operational

The right next step

The market demand
The director of Rosendaal Techniek was the proud creator of the CBU and had already sold many units. As he gained more experience with the market, he noticed a demand for a new generation of the machine. Although Rosendaal Techniek had no desire to start a new development process, he wanted to respond to the market demand. This is how the issue came to MST Groep.

Validating choices
MST Groep initiated the project by conducting research on the user experience of the CBU and identifying the needs within the potential market. We also assessed the technical status of the CBU and discovered that it didn’t comply with the latest European legislation. After this evaluation we concluded that developing a new generation of the machine would come with unnecessary risks. Collaborating with Rosendaal Techniek, we decided to optimise the first generation of the CBU, which was the most valuable option.

Development in-house

Transfer in ownership
Another key conclusions was that the project required ownership.  By passing on the ownership of the project, Rosendaal Techniek could be confident that his product would be carried through with care, while MST Groep could move quickly and work efficiently with greater decision-making power. The transfer has been advantageous for both parties.

The development
We used Lean Engineering to optimise the CBU. We carried out the R&D steps in parallel, and used creative prototyping to validate the design. This provided us with valuable information at an early stage of the process.  With these choices and approaches, we optimised the Cargo Bagging Unit and certified it based on the latest European legislation.

The strenghts of MST Groep

  • Research based decisions
  • Speed through ownership
  • User-focussed
  • Certification

An optimised final product

MST Groep’s approach allowed the client to reformulate their issue into a project with more certainty. By passing on ownership of the project, Rosendaal Techniek was able to shift their focus to activities that provided greater value. Finally, the CBU users benefited as MST Groep translated their needs into a secure technical solution. The value of this was demonstrated in-house through prototyping and certification.

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