An innovative idea

A firefighter recognised in his field of work the need for a practical solution that could establish a safe environment during an electric car battery fire. In response, he invented the Battery Fire Cooler (BFC). This is a cooling option located beneath the car.

The right expertise

An initial prototype was realised in collaboration between the product owner and a production party. After the successful product presentation, the need arose to progress towards a market introduction. This required a different expertise than producing the idea. One crucial aspect was obtaining the certification for the BFC. To address this issue, the inventor sought assistance from MST Groep.


MST Groep has, in consultation with the client, combined the certification process with a comprehensive product evaluation. This study looked at the time and energy required to ensure a safe environment during such specific situations. One notable finding was that a reduction in water use did not lead to a decrease in functionality.

An optimised product

The value of the Battery Fire Cooler has been enhanced in multiple ways. Firstly, the new version of the BFC meets the market and functional requirements. Furthermore, the reduced water consumption enables prolonged usage, thereby enhancing its effectiveness and durability. Additionally, material reduction has resulted in cost savings. Ultimately, these improvements contribute to the increased value of the BFC in terms of sales.

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